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Dorinish is made up of two small islands, Dorinish Beg and Dorinish More, joined by a natural stone

causeway and measures 20 acres approximately. Both islands are currently used for grazing sheep

who share the island with Irish mountain hares and a wide variety of sea birds including puffins, dunlins, cormorants and terns.

Under foot, you’ll find an assortment of Irish wildflower including Tormentil, Harebell, Knapweed and of course Clovers.


Grey seals, Common Dolphins, Bottlenose Dolphins and Porpoises are a popular sight in Clew Bay. 

The Basking Shark - the largest fish in the Northern Atlantic and the second largest in the world can be seen of the coast of Achill island.

Clew Bay is also renowned as one of Europe’s best deep sea angling destinations with an abundance of fish species in its waters.

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